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It is not to lower costs at any cost

We promote the agility and flexibility of your company so that it can compete better in the future.

Beyond Procurement

Value-based solutions to our customers, powered by our partners.

We solve process efficiency issues, improve financial visibility, and align operating models with business objectives.

We offer customized solutions, from transformation of the procurement area to strategic project management, with a practical approach to maximize the company's competitiveness, always taking into account ESG criteria.

We generate a positive impact on EBIT by reducing costs and improving the operational efficiency of your company. We take care of the implementation and monitoring of savings, ensuring results in both strategic and agile acquisitions. We identify new suppliers, negotiate more advantageous contracts and optimize the supply chain to achieve significant savings. Our end-to-end procurement strategy includes detailed spend analysis to identify areas for improvement, and we work closely with our clients to implement tailored solutions and effectively reduce costs.

Thanks to the immediate implementation of managed services, we improve the efficiency and transparency of our clients' operations.
Depending on the reality of each client, we achieve this by outsourcing purchasing processes, supplier risk management or supply chain financing.
Our team of experts takes care of all the tasks and responsibilities related to these services to give space to strategic objectives.

We help companies modernize their supply chain through the implementation of next-generation platforms and software, as well as through the reselling of specialized tools. As partners of Ariba, GEP and Jaggaer, we offer customized solutions that allow greater visibility and efficiency, holding us accountable for effective implementation.

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Challenges that may be affecting your business:


Competitive Context

Huge wave of competition in the industry, with major players pushing offers to capture the attention of customers.

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Recession, risks and costs

Greater risk and impact on costs due to deterioration of credit portfolios, due to the restrictive scenario expected for this year. Impacts on direct costs and loss of margins.

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Exchange rates

Unfavorable exchange rates for LATAM against the USD. Most of the currencies have devalued in recent times and the effect will be accentuated during this year, impacting the demand for travel, pushing prices down.

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Increase in direct costs due to increased prices of main services and readjustments to the wage bill, will impact the results due to less consumption and increased costs.

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Fitness for Business

We are always promoting innovation and technology to generate new solutions in procurement.

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We are experts and specialists in supporting our clients to improve their business and
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Our aim
it is not to reduce costs at any cost

Fitness for business

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